"I could not have written my book without Cheryl.
She was always there for me and helped me
every step of the way."

-- Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear,
Journey to Fitness - Chronicles of a Working Woman

Author Assistance and
Self-Publishing Consulting Services

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When you partner with Cheryl, she'll help guide you through your publishing project regardless of where you choose to publish your book!

As a professionally trained Author's Assistant, Cheryl is highly skilled at working in collaborative relationships in a virtual environment. While Author's Assistants are not new to publishing, working with a Virtual Author's Assistant on your book project provides a new twist: the perfect solution for someone choosing to self-publish a book through a Print-On-Demand (POD) service, or establish themselves as a publisher to self-publish their book.

Cheryl's background in print production combined with her experience as a self-published author, means she has the knowledge and skills to coordinate your project whether you choose to utilize digital POD technology, or print your book on an offset press.

Regardless of where you are with your project -- just starting to write, or ready to publish -- Cheryl can help make your book dream a reality.

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Services Include:

Researching publishing options to find the best fit for your book project.
Managing your production team (editor, designer, etc).
Self-publishing, step by step including: Getting an ISBN, bar codes, filing the copyright.
Obtaining Permissions – when you need them and how to get them.
Assisting with the book proposal if you choose traditional publishing.
Doing competitive research.
Doing audience research.
Printing Estimates/Selecting a printer.
Assisting with Amazon.com listings.
Executing a marketing plan and schedule marketing events.
Coordinating book launch events around your publication date.
Researching Media opportunities.
Tracking publicity.
And more!